Below is a list of some projects I have worked on and contributions to open source projects. I also have some other projects available on my GitHub page. For examples of my work on full websites, please visit the Portfolio page.

As time goes on, I will add more projects both to this page and my GitHub page. There are also some projects like the <instagram-user-card> Polymer element that I forked from an existing project and heavily modified. Some links are also to projects that I have contributed to but do not own.

Active Projects


notific8 is a JavaScript plug-in for easily displaying toast-style notifications on a web page. It is designed to be easily customizable and comes with several themes (colors) and styles (theme families) baked in with an easy ability to create new ones.

Keroseen UI

Keroseen is a set of minimally designed Sass mixins (Scss format) to be used for generating styles for a web project. The goal is to import the parts of the library you want to use and make use of the appropriate mixins in your styles. A major design goal of the library is to include the base styles directly in the developer defined styles instead of piling on override selectors.


Yeoman Express Generator

An Expressjs generator for Yeoman, based on the express command line tool.


I contributed several pull requests to remove Ruby Sass, remove Bower, and update from Jade to Pug templating.


grunt-htmlhint-plus is a configurable Grunt task that makes use of the htmlhint node module used for hinting HTML code based on a given set of rules.


I contributed several pull requests to the project to provide new functionality both that I requested and other developers requested as well.

Inactive Projects


express-respondto is an NPM module that provides middleware for Express to add basic functionality similar to the responds_to method in Ruby on Rails. The demo below will load this page with the .json extension and return a JSON object.


shipit-bower is a fork of the shipit-npm module for the ShipIt deployment system. The fork modifies the original to run Bower tasks on deployment.