notific8 demo

notific8 is a highly customizable JavaScript notification plug-in. It comes with multiple themes built in. The Sass files can be included in a project for easy customizations. The plug-in also includes a jQuery wrapper for those who wish to use jQuery.

Use the fields below to test the different options for the plug-in.

To see the onInit(data), onCreate(notification, data), and onClose(notification, data) actions functioning, open your browser's developer tools' console view.

Notification Queue

Note: queuing is set for the plug-in settings and not passed in as an option on the notification. It will only be process in the first notification call.
The notification name is only used when notifications are queued. If no name is passed in, a unique name is generated. The notification name is returned when a notification is created or queued.

(not available in Materialish theme)
(default, only value available for the demo)