The rough cut of first novel, Across the Thresholds, was self-published on the Kindle store on January 21, 2015. It is the first in the Thresholds series of novels. I'm currently working on the outline for a rewrite. So far, the plan for the rewrite is to expand further content and add new content which will likely double the length.

Across the Thresholds

They were more than 20 years into the 22nd century. Vince Taylor and his team wanted to explore technology throughout history, specifically that which had been washed to sea millennia before. All they wanted to do was help humanity continue to exist in the peace that had existed since the War of the People. Instead, the doorways that they opened throughout space and time may have left them with more questions than answers.

How friendly are these new friends? Do gods really exist? Will an alternate version of themselves from an alternate universe be the same? Will they be able to undo the damage that one of their own has created in the space-time continuum? Will they even survive long enough to find out?

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