Will and Phoeobe

Hi there! I'm Will Steinmetz and the cat and fellow Doctor Who fan who closed my laptop yet again is my mascot Phoebe. I'm a web developer, designer, and programmer currently living in Durham, NC. Along with programming, my hobbies include reading, writing, video games, and knitting (yes, you read that correctly). I also enjoy fine flavored tea and a good pizza as well as cooking a dinner that's better for me than pizza while rocking out to electronica and dance music.

My current most active projects are jQuery notific8 and Keroseen. Notific8 is a jQuery plug-in inspired by the notification system introduced in Windows 8. Keroseen is a basic UI library to reset some styles on a page and include barebones elements such as a configurable grid system.

I'm also slowly getting back into doing freelance web design work. As I start working on other websites, I will create a portfolio page.

Because I know you were curious and dying to know, the awesome graphic to the left was drawn for me by the lovely and very talented Emily Maschauer.

Feel free to browse around more and if you find Phoebe's brother Jasper who likes to hide, say hi to him very quietly.